For only 5 Euro
The chance on 10 years free of care!

Every month are at stake:
1 x 5.000 Euro monthly - for 10 years!
4 x 3.000 Euro monthly - for 10 years!
45 x 1.000 Euro monthly - for 10 years!

In total 50 pension prizes each month -
consequently 300 pension prizes during the
course of the entire Lottery
in the total winning amount
of 44,640,000 Euro!

It is possible to enter at any time
As well as in the main game you can enter the pension joker game during the course of the lottery. Contrary to the main game you do not have to pay the ticket price for the preceding classes in the pension joker game. Consequently you can choose to enter the game at any time.

Certainly the pension joker prize is tax free. But there is still another improvement: The pension joker prize is inheritable - i.e. the pension will be paid definately for 10 years.

And this is how you enter the game!
The price for a pension joker ticket amounts to only 5 Euro per class. Prerequisite for the participation in the pension joker game is the participation in the main game at the same time. One ticket share in the main game is sufficient regarding this. Certainly you may play as many pension joker tickets as you like per class in order to increase your chances on 10 years free of care enormously. To increase your chances we would propose you to play 3 or 4 pension joker tickets right from the beginning.